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    Electro Magnetic Pollution (EMF)

    Most of us don’t realize how drastically and abruptly electronics age humans. This effect our health very badly and robbing us of our well being. The cells of the body are basically electrical in composition and they respond to stray electromagnetic fields. Power, transformers, power transmission lines, microwave, communication transmitters, etc. Meanwhile, millions of cellular phone users cook their brains with very high frequency radio waves! Microwave frequency energy enters the head and the brain which is comparable to cooking a small portion of the brain with each transmits cycle similar to an egg in a microwave oven.

    There is higher incidence of cardiac problems. A recent study showed a definite loses of heart attacks and more heart disease. It increases brain tumors in human population. All of our cities, by theirs natures as electrical centers are jungle of inter penetratingfield of radiation.

    There are symptoms that people experience for some individual the problem become gradually worse. An unnatural warmth or burning sensation in the face, an tingling, stinging or pricking sensation in the face or other area of the body.

    Dryness of the upper respiratory tract or eye irritation, problems with concentration, dizziness and loss of memory. Headache and nausea. Teeth and jaw pains. Ache in muscles, joints Cardiac palpitations.

    Our environment has become electro-magnetic smog, bombarding our sense and our bodies every second of every day. Because electromagnetic fields are invisible, we don’t even realize they are there. When the first astronauts were sent into space they returned suffering from the effects of being deprived of these fields, all subsequent called space craft have had artificial field generally called Schumann waves. And are normal healthy phenomenons of our planet. Man evaded in electromagnetic fields, and should be quickly capable of handling them. In the 20th century man has change his electromagnetic environment more than it has change in all time up until then. Estimates vary from 1000 times to billion to times. The human body is a master at adoption by creation by our God, but there are limits to which it can be pushed. The ultimate controlling system in the body is the bioelectrical system. It controls the nerves, the hormones, and even the chemical reactions. If your bioelectrical system malfunctions, then sooner or later you will develop physical symptoms, and possibly a chronic disease.

    How does stress come from?

    Electro pollution has been called the silent killer of modern age. Manmade (EMF) are a major source of stress. EMF comes from cell phones and antenna, power lines, microwaves, computers and other office equipments, home appliances and anything that it operated by electrical or electronics. Human beings and all life on this planet evolved in harmony with the earth’s natural electromagnetic field and gravity. But man made EMF is apart from God. There are 2 kinds of stress. Natural & man made. All living things create natural EMF. But unnatural EMF’s mess up our bodies. Stress is killing so many of us. Problems caused by stress are also costing hundreds of billions of dollar each year for people and businesses.

    The mineralized water within our bodies is an excellent conductor of electrical energy. It is supposed to be, because we are electro-magnetic beings. So we have a tendency to not only conduct, but absorb these frequencies. The most common forms of energies that we are affected by are electromagnetic in nature; they are EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation), Which are potentially harmful to our physical and energetic health; The EMF fields emanating from high tension power lines and step down transformers can carry from 33, 000 to 4000, 000 volts or more. Radio waves or Radio Frequency (RF) energy has frequencies or wave lengths that can range from 3000 cycles per second (3 KHZ) to 300 billion HZ (300 GHZ) mobile phone radio frequencies, microwaves have frequencies ranging from around 300 million waves per second to 3 billion waves per second. Mobile phones send and receive frequencies ranging from 800-900 MHZ. Mobile phones are literally trying people’s brain.

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