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    Water! Water!! Water!!!

    Word of God

    A human adult is composed of approximately 60 percent water and water provides the form of our cells, tissues and organs. Water bathes our brain, regulates our body temperature, feeds us by dissolving vitamins and minerals and transports those nutrients as well as oxygen. Water aids in detoxifying substances in the kidneys and liver, and acts as an internal cushion to protect you from injury.
    We can live for several weeks without food, but water is a precious that we can survive only a few days without it.

    If you drink only when you are thirsty, you probably aren’t taking in enough fluids. During times of stress our bodies try to conserve water. Not drinking enough water causes our blood to become too concentrated, heavy on salt, and other solutes, and lacking water. The sockets pull water out of the salivary glands in your mouth, leaving you thirsty.

    Normally most people lose about 10 cups of water every day through urination, perspiration and breathing. Since our bodies can’t store up an excess of water, we need to replenish by drinking 9 to 11 cups a day.

    Sometimes we experience headaches when a lack of fluid constricts and dilates the blood vessels. This problem can be compounded by headache suffers who tend to consume caffeine and artificial sweeteners, the pure water that their bodies are crying out. A lot of us are too busy to heed our thirst pangs. If you are trying to consume a healthy diet and control your weight, water can help.

    Don’t Drink Tap water!!!

    Especially in North America, water is poisonous. Virtually all tap water is loaded with contaminations toxins, poisons and know for cancer causing agents including deadly fluoride and chlorine. Drinking tap water cause illness and diseases, you need to drink water and the water must be pure. Water is a instrumental not only in flushing and nourishing the body, but also in keeping it hydrated and PH balances. Not all bottle waters are equally pure and hydrating. Some are much better than others. More than all pray to our Lord Jesus Christ. He is our Living water, and Eternal God.

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