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    Why are we sick?

    As children of God, we should be healthy! I often get Email, calls, even on my meetings, suffering from diseases. My heart pains, when I see people sicker than ever before.
    First of all you have to realize that being sick is not normal and it is not the natural state of the body. More than all it hurts God, when we get sick. There are only two reasons why a person becomes ill:

    1. The “Catch” something. This means your body picked up a “Germs”, a “Virus” or bacteria. 2. You “Develops” an illness or disease. This means there is something imbalance in the body.

    Remember, you get sick because you either “Catch something” or “Something Develops” in the body on its own. The reasons you get sick are: You catch something you and your body cannot fight if off. Therefore you succumb to the “Germs”. And other reason, your body develops something in the genetically weak areas. So where is your problem?

    1. Your immune system is weak.
    2. Toxins are attacking your body

    How do I know your immune systems could be weak?

    A toxin is a poison. It is a substance that, if it is taken in large doses can causes sever illness or death. These toxins are being put in virtually everything we eat without our knowledge. What goes in your body, what comes out your body is very important. Let’s look at what we put into our bodies. We put things in our body through our mouth, our nose, our eyes, our ears and through our skin. So, just watch out how is your life style. Avoid chlorinated water, Hydrogenated oils or trans fats and Homogenized dairy products. We absorb many toxins through our nose; include mold, pollens, and the fumes emitted from carpet, glue, paint, the soaps and cleaning products. Toxins get in through the eyes in a similar fashion to the skin. The sun is not a toxin, this is natural and good for health, but avoid bright light. Toxin gets into your body through the ears; the sound you hear. Sounds are vibrations and frequencies. Honking horns, the alarm clock, ect. These frequencies go in through the ears and cause every cell in the body to be affected. Satellites, Radar, Cell phone towers, cell phones, Electrical wiring, Fluorescent lights, Microwave and ovens emits electromagnetic energy, Our human body especially the brain, is actually a very powerful transmitter and receiver of electromagnetic energy. The bottom line is that today we are putting more toxins in our body.

    What is the solution?

    Eliminate the toxins that have built up in your system. Give your body a full-body cleanse. Ask your doctor or Health Practitioner, eat natural food. Exercise, Read your bible, meditate, get together with good Christians friends. More than all believe your God is “Jehovah Rapha”, Means your personal doctor. And remember you are healed By His Stripes.

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