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    Women used in Revival moments

    The spiritual awakening that transformed England and America was led by George Whitefield, John and Charles Wesley in the late 1700s. The Wesley brothers had a remarkable, godly mother named Susanna. She spends time every day in earnest prayer. Mrs. Wesley preached to more than 200 people every week. Mr. Wesley said, since God uses woman in the conversion of sinners, who am I that I should withstand God?

    In the early part of the nineteenth century, God again moved in revival in America through Charles Finney. When Finney started Oberlin College, it was the first college to be allowed woman to study alongside man, Finney was 1st leader to train woman in theology. Another Evangelical leader Dwight L. Moody was eager to allow women to preach. Moody Bible Institute offered its pastor's courses to women.

    Watchman New, Leader of that moment in China used to set behind a curtain to take notes as one woman taught other woman from the bible.

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