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    What God is saying for the year 2012!

    By Prophetess Michelle Kamal



    Happy New Year!  


    “2012 is a Year of Harvest!”


    As usual, i was in my fast for the end of year to hear from God for 3 days. I heard it clearly and God is my witness.


    • Behold, I will do new things!  
    • God is bringing a new season! New fresh move of God!
    • New wine! Greater manifestation of His glory!
    • Signs and wonders that never happened in human history! Repentance and Reunion!
    • We can no longer limit or hinder Him by our own doctrine any longer. 
    • Get ready and prepare your congregation ready!
    • Judgment is irrevocably coming to many nations!


    True fear of the Lord has been disappearing from the pulpits. Christians have forgotten: to take up their cross, denying themselves, and following after Jesus Christ as his disciples. “Nations are about to fall.” “Watch out.” Big time famine is coming to nations. Massive explosions nationwide! Deadly pestilence sweeping across the nations. So many Christians have become dangerously lukewarm and fearless.  Look now God is warning the lukewarm church (Revelation 7:9-14).


    The problem of the lukewarm church is that they are not willing to surrender completely to Jesus. God is sending fresh fire into the churches. He is separating his bride. He says “I am preparing her; I am preparing those that are walking in the power of my spirit, only those are obedient and those who are overcomes will be Mine. I am purifying her. This is her hour of glory.”


    Church Repent! America, this is a false peace through churches. A peace that will fall soon in the trouble days.  Evil is praised as good in my sanctuary. No more playing around.  Europe you have rejected and still have rejected Me – repent! How can you escape the wrath to come? America will no longer be the financial leader of the world.  I will shake all the nations and then I will bring mighty harvest.  I will judge the music industry and bring them down so that they can never pollute ever again.  I will judge every false prophet who leads my children astray. The preachers who are wolves in sheep clothing will be judged. My bride has been hidden, beaten, and left alone, many are in prison.  I will bring them closer to my side.  My prophets, my apostles, true worshipers, those that carry my fire have been almost removed from pulpits and replaced by popular, famous fundraisers.  This is an abomination in my site.  My bride, I Myself, will nourish and protect and even teach you to war in the spirit realm. I am demoting you, My bride I tell you this, encourage my people, you must learn to do things in My timing, and not in your time. Keep focus on me, no distractions comes to the left or the right.  I am going to shake everything, everything will be shaken. No more man power will be elevated.  The earth will shake and quake in fear.  When I shake things, the kingdom advances.  I’m looking for vessels to accomplish my work.  Chaos and confusions in the political arena.  Incredible calamities will fall.  Massive earthquakes in various places, floods, drought, food shortage and global religious deception.


    2012 Reap your harvest!  All these years back yard harvest. Now is the season for massive harvest! 



    In His Service,
    Prophetess. Michelle Kamal
    Love Rescue Ministries
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